My 20 Favorite Albums of 2012

“We like lists because we don’t want to die.” — Umberto Eco

Since I, too, don’t want to die, I thought I’d make my version of the best albums of the year. Alas, so many pleasing and disquieting tunes appeared in 2012, I couldn’t possibly include all of the ones I enjoyed. For instance, no room for the new Swans album, the new Godspeed album, Frank Ocean, Scott Walker, Grimes, Raime, Caretaker, etc.

In terms of my listening habits, I spend a lot of time searching for and listening to older and more obscure material (for examples, check out Madrotter-Treasure-Hunt or Bodega Pop or Mutant Sounds, etc.), so I probably don’t listen to as much new music as do many other people. And my list obviously reveals my personal biases toward (mostly) experimental soundscapes of one type of another.

In terms of arrangement, I’ve purposefully mixed up the order, so you’ll never know which is my #20 and which is my #1.  Also one album is absent, so there’s technically only 19 albums on this list.

If you click on the artist’s name/album title you can get the album or listen to samples.

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