“What is Experimental Literature?”
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{pt. 2}
{pt. 3}
{pt. 4}

“On Cassandra Troyan’s Throne of BloodThe Collagist

from Glaxo Kreemo, a novel-in-progress Broken Toujours

“Of Book III Of Kloss’s Abraham of Alligators Of” Sundog Lit

“gargle the bloodnectar” 3:AM Magazine

“American Halloween” Hobo Camp Review

“On Reading Olivia Cronk’s Skin Horse in New Orleans” BOMBlog

“James Madison” Melville House

“My Fifty Literary Pillars” Big Other

“The End” Exits Are

“For Example” The Palovista Residency

“Sometimes I Feel Like Punching Someone In The Face Until They Can’t Breathe Anymore And
That’s The End Of It” Lamination Colony

“Clown How She Said” Necessary Fiction

“No News Today” No News Today

“Notes on Roberto Bolaño’s 2666” As It Ought To Be

“‘The Mind is the Great Poem of Winter’: On Wallace Stevens” Big Other

“Parents Being We Are Wrongly” WE ARE CHAMPION

“Family Story #33” > kill author

“Camera For The Smile” Abjective

“1560: The First Pirate Observes the Night Sky” For Every Year

“Remix of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame” Action, Yes

“Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously” Publishing Genius

“Wishspells & Frequencies” Wunderkammer

“Remix of Blake Butler’s Scorch AtlasFeatherproof Books

“The Annoying Lacuna: An Unofficial Account of Oulipo” AGNI

“Betwixt Newspaper & Pornography” Ocho

“A Brief Unexplained History of Film Noir” Lamination Colony

“Just Before the War with the Eskimos” Titular

“On Being a County Coroner” & “On Being a Hypochondriac” Coconut

“On Being Honest” & “…a Spectator” & “…a Marxist Storyteller” H_NGM_N

“Open Letter To The Pervert…” Swink

“A Mash-Up of Caribou and Faulkner” Abjective

“I Am Afraid Of Light” Word Riot

“The Death of Stalin” Monkeybicycle

“Mother: A Deconstruction with Critical Apparatus” DIAGRAM

“Photo Album” Taint Magazine

“The Serpent in the River” Anotherealm: The Magazine of Speculative Fiction

“Fight Club for Kindergarteners” Eyeshot


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