nola2 001Born in Kansas (1978), grew up in Wyoming, went to film school in Las Vegas, worked in the film industry in Los Angeles, volunteered for the U.S. Peace Corps in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania West Africa, received MA in English at the University of Nebraska, received MFA in creative writing at The Ohio State University, and is currently a PhD candidate in English at Florida State University.

Author of The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney
—— a novel published in 2010 by Sator Press

Author of Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously
—— a chapbook of prose published in 2009 by Publishing Genius

Author of Becoming Monster
—— a chapbook of nonfiction published in 2013 by The Cupboard

Assembler of ONE
—— a novel in collaboration with Vanessa Place & Blake Butler, published in 2012 by Roof Books.

Curator of the critically acclaimed online art gallery Bright Stupid Confetti.

Regular Contributor to the literary website HTMLGIANT.


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